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And what have I been doing? March 31, 2009

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Well, I have been working very hard at avoiding the incomplete baby blanket.  It’s not easy when it sits there by the bed in it’s project basket, looking all smug and arrogant in all it’s half-finishedness glory while the clock ticks away its countdown.  Let’s just say, I’m glad it can’t talk.  The things it would say to me! 

And the fabric is still sitting there waiting for the lightening bolt of inspiration to move me off my duff and into action.  I’m sure it will happen any day now…


Lazy Day Skirt March 17, 2009

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I found this pattern from Oliver + S called the lazy day skirt.  Here it is:

Oliver + S Lazy Day Skirt

  And what did I learn from this experience?  I can not follow directions.  Despite being well written, I still managed to do several things “my way.”  Oh well.  It still turned out cute and my daughter likes it.  That’s what’s important, right?  I have enough fabric left to make a little top and hat.  If I get to it. 

The baby afghan is going well.  I’m on the last section of green before the yellow ruffle border.  I think (hope) it will be finished before the shower.  Which (please forgive this mini rant) was scheduled on the DAY of my daughter’s fourth birthday which is a Saturday and a perfect day for her party.  Yes, that irritates me to no end.  I will get over it eventually…  Maybe by the time my daughter’s 35 or 40…  Just kidding.  We will deal.  I think we will have her birthday party on a Sunday.  Maybe…


And we are back were we started… March 9, 2009

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I am finally back to where I was on the baby blanket before the whole big three corner accident.  Now, I am about halfway through the blanket and at the particular place where the yarn I thought was so darling is not quite as cute.  When did that happen?  And the pattern that was so easy is becoming a bit of a bore.  This is what happens…  I will have to do something to encourage me to finish.  Maybe some new yarn?  Making something small and quick to take a break from the blanket?  There’s a reason why I only do baby crochet.  I do not have the staying power for anything larger.  Oh well…  The blanket is calling…


Mistakes… March 6, 2009

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Don’t you hate making mistakes?  I made a mistake on the baby blanket.  5 rounds back.  In the corner.  So my blanket only has THREE corners.  SIGH….  So I had to pull out 5 rounds and begin again.  It could have been worse.  I might not have noticed.  And before you roll your eyes and start thinking a three cornered blanket is a little noticeable in the mistake department- remember that I have two small children, 5 animals, and a husband who all conspire to distract me anytime I sit down.  Because I, evidently, am the only person in this house with two working legs and two working arms and was designed to fetch…


Shopping March 4, 2009

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I went shopping.  Shhhhhh….  Don’t tell my husband.  Here’s what I bought:

My Glorious Pretty Fabric

My Glorious Pretty Fabric


Why, you may ask, did I buy such lovely fabric?  What grand plan do I have?  And my answer is, I thought it was pretty.  Yeah, in this tough econimic climate, blah, blah, blah- and I’m out buying fabric with no clear use in mind.  My only defense is, “Isn’t it pretty?”


Works In Progress… February 23, 2009

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Right now, I’m working on a crocheted baby blanket for my cousin and his wife.  They are expecting their first child at the end of June.  A precious baby girl!  Knowing my super short attention span, I have picked a fairly easy piece that is really just one large granny square with a ruffly edge.  I love granny squares but I HATE weaving in ends.  It’s a real deliema.  I’m using the colors pink, yellow, and green.  Because I can.  Oh joy!  I will add a picture when I find my camera.  It was here just a minute ago…

Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

I also want to make some shamrock fridgies as gifts for St. Patty’s Day.  I found a free pattern on the internet.  Actually, I have found several…  When I pick one- I’ll let you know.  I know you are dying of curiousity.   And then I would like to make some toy rabbits for the kids at our church for Easter.  Again, I’ll share more when I actually get to this step.  Yeah- it may be for Easter 2010…  We’ll see how it goes.